Health & Spa

Spring of eternal youth

Not just an advertising slogan for the valueable Gastein thermal water. The rejuvenating effects of our “liquid gold” has been proved scientifically and is certainly the oldest form of anti-aging!

The thermal water comes from the spring directly into our house. In the 6 roman thermal baths you can be treated for your complaints: The Gastein cure application effects the alleviation or clear improvement of a great number of ailments of the respiratory tract, the skin and the entire locomotor system. Arthrosis, spinal-column syndrome, Bechterew’s disease, polyarthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome are the typical clinical syndromes against which an application of the Gastein cure is recommended
Moreover there is a noticeable success by cases of infertility and impotence.

…or just enjoy a vitalising bath for prophylactic reasons or simply to relax!

In our health department you can be revitalised by an appropriate massage, energy-treatment, mud packs or anti-stress therapy.

And last but not least, we offer cosmetic treatments in the hotel and a finnish sauna with roof terrace! Bathrobes and towels are offerd by the hotel.

Please ask for our special cure-packages!